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Functional Medicine Liver Detox

Functional Medicine Liver Detox

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There are TOO MANY fad "detoxes" out there that are doing more harm than good to women's bodies. How do I know? Because a lot of these women come see me in my private practice to heal the aftermath.
So, I am leading a small group of women through a true functional medicine liver detox 10/18. I am keeping it small, only 10-15 ladies. If you join, you will get:
  • custom supplement recommendations
  • custom detox recipes (based on your Ayurvedic Dosha aka body type)
  • One group call with me to ask any questions
  • You'll be added into a group text for more support!

Much love!

*You will receive a personal email with supplement recommendations and the protocol one week before the start of the detox as well as a Zoom link for the group call. 

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