Soothe is GMP-certified, comes from an FDA-regulated lab, is third-party tested, and is clinically dosed to achieve your desired results! Women can stay calm and control their menstrual cycle to avoid PMS with this blend of 10 traditional herbs.

  • Chaste Berry

    This is the number one herb for reducing PMS. This natural hormone balancer has been used for centuries to support women with hormone-related gynecologic complaints. It contains iridoids and flavonoids that exert benefits through indirect effects on various hormones, especially prolactin and progesterone

  • Parsley

    This herb promotes fluid balance and has cleansing and detoxifying properties. Its effect appears to be mediated through an inhibition of the sodium-potassium pump. Parsley is an aquaretic, meaning it increases urine volume while supporting retention of electrolytes

  • Dandelion

    This mighty plant is commonly used for its ability to help maintain healthy fluid balance and for its cleansing effects. In vitro research suggests other benefits include, increased antioxidant activity, upregulated phase II detoxification, and supported bifidobacteria growth.

  • Dong Quai

    Dong Quai is a powerful phytoestrogen originating from China, Japan, and Korea, where it has been traditionally used to balance the female cycle and diminish signs of PMS. It also helps improve symptoms of anemia, infertility, constipation, and hair loss.

  • Licorice

    This awesome herb functions as a weak phytoestrogen and has traditionally been used to help regulate menstruation and relieve commonly experienced menstruation-related muscle cramping. It has also been shown to contain anti-inflammatory properties

  • Peony

    Also known as bai shao yao, is a Chinese herb used to help regulate menses and decrease PMS pain.

  • Tangerine

    This traditional Chinese herb is derived from aged tangerine peel and traditionally used to help relieve breast tenderness. TCM practitioners also use tangerine to help prevent stagnation and relieve minor abdominal fullness and minor pain.

  • Ginger Root

    Ginger is anti-inflammatory and has been proven to help with circulation, nausea, and gas. In this formula, ginger is included for its “warming” effect which balances the “cooling” effects of other herbs.

  • Red Raspberry

    This herb has been used by women for centuries to support and balance the reproductive system and to relax the uterus. In traditional herbalism, red raspberry has been connected to female health and is used as a remedy to support normal menstrual flow.

  • Bupleurum

    This herb is another traditional “female cycle balancer” that has uterine-calming activity. It is used to help with menstrual cramping, emotional changes, and breast tenderness. It also has been shown to regulate the neuroendocrine system by increasing beta-endorphin and decreasing epinephrine and dopamine, therefore promoting relaxation of the central nervous system.


Let’s Kick PMS to the curb.