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“We have the greatest internal apothecary within our own body”

Totally amazed!

I just started taking soothe a week into this months cycle. Today is my first day of my period and it has been soooo different. I usually bloat so bad and have cramping and back pain and I felt none of that!!! Which is such a blessing because I am traveling today and on a plane and it’s not even bothering me 😭❤️ I never thought a travel day on the...

Sawyer S.

The most amazing product! I just got off the pill 2 months ago and have been using this everyday since. I was nervous about my periods being tortuous, my acne returning, my mood, etc, but I haven’t suffered any of that while being on Soothe!💖 cannot recommend it more!

Katie E.
This is GOLD!

I just got my period back after less than 2 months after quitting hormonal BC (had not had a period in over 3 years) and it has NOT come back with a vengeance.. soothe has made this transition SO much easier and faster than I could have imagined. Thank you Maddie for this supplement, your podcast, and all the educational information that you share daily…

Love love looooove it!

Started Soothe about a month before going off hormonal contraceptives (been on it for nearly 10 yrs non stop). Now a month later, I not only got my period back, I also got a completely PAIN FREE period. No cramps, no bloating, no nothing 🙌🏼🙌🏼 and that has never happened to me before!! I mainly went on contraceptives to avoid the really bad cramps I ...

Lost without it!

I love it so much that when the shipment was delayed due to weather and I wouldn’t have it in time before leaving on vacation I was panicked! Turned out I survived but I am again convinced that it helps my menstrual symptoms significantly. I used to have horrible bloating and insomnia the week prior to my period. During my period was painful cramping...

Laura D.
I cannot say enough good things about it.

I came off the pill at the end of summer 2021 and it showed up on my face with bad hormonal acne on my jawline & chin and painful cramps. I started taking Soothe sometime in the fall and it’s helped so much! It naturally took my body a little time to adjust and it took a little longer for my acne to...

Kasey R.

What the heck is PMS?


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Natural Ingredients

Soothe is an organic herbal remedy using ancient wisdom backed up by modern day research and science. We formulate Soothe, and all of our herbal remedies, with the highest of quality herbs, in a small, herbal lab based in California that is GMP and FDA compliant. We third party test all of our formulas for purity and potency.

Chaste Tree Extract
  • Regulates menses when they are too frequent or too heavy.
  • Stimulates progesterone synthesis and regulates estrogen to help prevent PMS.
  • Reduces fibroids and inflammation of the womb lining.
Bupleurum Root
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use bupleurum root to unblock liver qi stagnation that manifests as menstrual cramping, emotional changes, and breast tenderness.
  • Supports liver, gallbladder, and stomach function and relieves stagnation.
Orange Peel
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune-boosting
  • Soothes digestive disturbances and cramps.
Dandelion Root
  • Promotes healthy fluid balance as to prevent bloating and breast tenderness.
  • Increases antioxidant activity, upregulates phase II liver detoxification, and support bifidobacterial growth.
Donq Quai Root
  • Regulates the menses.
  • Postpartum menstruation regulation
  • Tonifies the blood, which supports irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.
Chinese Peony Root
  • Nourishes the blood and regulates menstruation
  • Breast distention and PMS
  • Helps relieve abdominal pain
Ginger Rhizom
  • Anti-inflammatory and reduces period pain and cramps.
  • Is a warming herb and balances the cold herbs in this formula.
  • Helps reduce abdominal distention, chronic diarrhea and, in severe cases, prolapse of the stomach, uterus or rectum.
Raspberry Leaf
  • Strengthen and tone the tissue of the womb.
  • Reduces digestive issues such as mild nausea and diarrhea.
  • It is a diuretic, which reduces bloating due to water retention.
Poria Sclerotium
  • Reduces fluid retention and bloating
  • Promotes a pain-free, PMS-free, consistent menstrual cycle
  • May also help to improve anxiety, fatigue, and memory
Licorice Root
  • A warming and tonifying herb
  • Antidote for many toxic substances (internal and topical)
  • It has traditionally been used to help regulate menstruation and reduce inflammation and muscle cramping.

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