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Kick your PMS to the curb with Soothe. Soothe is a tradition-based, multi-herb formula that combines Native American and Chinese herbs traditionally used to provide balance and support for a healthy menstrual cycle. These traditional tonics have been chosen by means of clinical observation for their complementary and compounding effects.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
  • Chaste berry (vitex) - 225 mg
  • Bupleurum - 100 mg
  • Tangerine - 100 mg
  • Dandelion - 100 mg 
  • Dong Quai - 100 mg
  • Peony - 100 mg
  • Ginger - 60 mg
  • Parsley - 50 mg 
  • Red Raspberry - 50 mg 
  • Licorice - 25 mg

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Charlotte S.
United States United States
In love with this product!!!

Maddie absolutely hit it out of the park with this. I have been on the pill since I was 15/16 and now at 24 I am off of it. I've struggled with irregular periods and cramping and after one month of taking it (and missing a couple days) I can say I've experienced a huge improvement! No cramps and regular amount of time between cycles. So much thought was put into this and I cant wait to share this with my friends and family! Thank you again Maddie for doing something that actually helps our cycles rather than just masks the symptoms. TLDR - run and get this. Dont walk. Also, do the subscription.

United States United States
Every women should have this

I recently got off birth control. After years of being on and off, I knew what was to come. I did my research before officially getting off the pill and found Maddie’s supplement. It has been a game changer! Little to no mood swings, cravings, and fatigue. Within one cycle, my cycle was back to normal. Last time I went off birth control it took me 14 months for my cycle to balance out. That’s when I knew this was the Holy grail!

AlZain A.
United States United States
No more acne and period pain!

Soothe is now part of my daily routine. Even with sensitive skin that breaks out over the most minor causes, I have yet to see any new breakouts since taking Soothe, it's THAT magical! Another incredible thing about soothe is that ever since taking it I have yet to take painkillers for my period pain. I literally can't remember the last time I had a period that was this easy and painless. Thank you Maddie so much for this product, I wish I can just buy it in bulk and give it to all my friends lol, it's a must-have!!

Hallie S.
United States United States
It is love

I’ve been taking Soothe for a little over a month now. My son is just about 3 years old, and ever since my pregnancy my fingers have been swollen. I’ve tried everything to remedy this - from diet changes, to cold showers, and everything in between. 2-3 weeks of Soothe in, and my finger swelling was down, and it has stayed down! Living proof that we all need to support our hormonal health!!!

Meredith C.
United States United States
Too soon to tell

My mood swings are much improved. I’m still very uncomfortable during my cycles, but maybe after a few months on soothe I will see positive improvement.


Let’s Kick PMS to the curb.