The Best Spa Experience - EVER!

The Best Spa Experience - EVER!

Do you live in Austin? Or do you plan on visiting? If yes, you’ll want to check this Spa out! 

Who wants a spa day?! Or I guess I should ask, who WOULDN’T want a spa day?! Especially when it is at one of Austin’s TOP spas! And let’s be honest, we are all a bit (or a lot) stressed out right now. With so much happening in our world that is outside of our control, we tend to resort to our anxiety and the bad behaviors that come with our anxious thoughts.

This is why it is more important than ever to focus on your health. However, health isn’t just what you eat or how you move your body, but how you treat your body on a deeper, spiritual level. Do you practice self-care? I sure hope so, because it will help lower your stress, balance your hormones, sleep better, perform better, enhance your sex drive, have clear skin, healthy nails and hair, etc..

Sounds pretty amazing…right?!

This is why I try my best to pamper myself at the spa at least once a month. Since having just moved to Austin, I knew I needed to find myself a new spa! I was recommended by a girl friend of mine, who is also a wellness blogger, to check out Viva Day Spa + Med Spa. With everything going on in and outside of my inner world, I needed some TLC in the form of skin care. I don’t know about y’all, but my skin has NOT been liking the stress that myself, and all of us, have been put under with everything going on in our world. My stress has created a downward spiral of negative effects that has consequently impacted my liver - and stress on the liver shows on our skin!

Also, wearing masks don’t help in maintaining clear skin…do they?🤣

So, I went in to the Viva Day Spa on South Lamar (they have three locations in Austin) and I immediately felt at ease. The spa was beautiful and the team was incredibly friendly. Most importantly, they have very comprehensive Covid-19 safety measures in place so you can relax with confidence. I was quickly greeted by my darling esthetician, Stacey. She gave me the run-down of what our 2 hours together would entail and left me to change into a comfy robe and settle into the heated and cloud-like bed!

We started off with my Organic Custom Designer Facial which featured plant-based products from Eminence Organics, and this is how it went down: Click here to skip to read about how my skin looked post-treatment!

1st. Cleanse: Stone Crop Cleansing Oil. This removes dirt oil and makeup and smells delish!

2nd. Cleanse:  Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser. Thanks to the probiotics and cucumber, this is healing and soothing.

Next she used an exfoliating enzyme, which was going to help with the extractions. The enzyme is a mixture of the Stone crop exfoliator, clear skin masque, and a toner.

BONUS! While I was relaxing with the enzyme, I got a hand and arm hydration with mitts using cocoa butter and dreamcicle oil for the massage! Yummy!

Next was the extractions. I have a high pain tolerance so it wasn’t bad! And it was very necessary to get all that under-the-skin GUNK out!

After the extractions, she used the Stone Crop Cleansing Gel, to soothe and calm the skin after.

Next, she layered on a strawberry rhubarb masque and cold eye pad eye treatments.

While relaxing with the masque, I was given a massage of my upper back and neck, upper arms and shoulders. Oh and a scalp massage. I was in HEAVEN!

After removing the masque, we finished off with an anti aging cream and SPF protection.


How my skin felt/looked immediately afterwards: Silky smooth and radiant.

How my skin looked 3 days after: Radiant, firm, a few breakouts (this is normal when our skin is detoxing all the toxins!)

How my skin looked 5 days after: Radiant, firm, and clear as HECK!

Would I recommend you to get a facial, even if you don’t have acne (like myself): YESS!!! Clear skin does not mean healthy skin. Due to our internal (think stress) and external environment (think pollution), our pores get clogged with gunk whether we see it or not. We need to take care of our skin as to prevent acne, wrinkles, and skin cancer!

To purchase any of the products I mentioned we used during our treatment, click here!

If you live in Austin, or are visiting Austin, I highly recommend you treat your beautiful self to a service at Viva Day Spa + Med Spa!

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