What's in Madeline's "Medicine" Closet

What's in Madeline's "Medicine" Closet

Here are the supplements I have stashed and why/when I take them!

I am all about food being thy medicine. 110%! But sometimes our bodies could use some extra help when it comes to absorbing all the essential vitamins and minerals that we need every day. Some vitamins I take daily, and others I take when I feel my body needs it. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Every Day Vitamins
    • Life Extension Multi Vitamin
      • Why? Life Extension's Two Per Day multivitamins have the highest nutritional potencies of any science-based multivitamin formula!
    • 1 Body Adrenal Support
      • Why? Supporting our adrenals reduces stress, improves mood, and reduces fatigue!
    • Silver Fern Brand Whole Food Vitamin
      • Why? It helps me get ALL my fruits and veggies in every day through non-synthetic vitamins & minerals. They use REAL food.
    • Solaray Turmeric
      • Why? Reduces inflammation.
    • Revive Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD oil
      • Why? Improves mood, reduces stress, reduced inflammation, improves insomnia/sleep issues.
      • Use code “MADELINE30” for 30% off!
    • A good probiotic! 50 billion cultures.
      • Note: Switch your probiotic every 3-4 months to get in different strains!
      • Some brands I like: Silver Fern, Biom, Bio Schwartz.
    • Magnesium Citrate
      • Why? Magnesium helps to calm your body and mind. I take 500 mg 1 hour before bed. Magnesium also helps with sore muscles.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
      • Why? Improves digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.
      • You can eat these yummy ACV gummies or drink 1-2 tsp of ACV before measl!
  • As-Needed Vitamins
    • B12
      • When I take it: If I am feeling extra tired/weak OR anxious.
    • Renew Life Fiber Smart
      • When I take it: When I am feeling backed up, this is a great all-natural help! Do not use laxatives as those are harmful on our guts and overall bodies.
    • Vitamin D
      • When I use it: When I have gone a few days without seeing the sun, and/or I am feeling tired and anxious, I will take some Vitamin D!
    • Calcium Citrate
      • When I take it: If I am injured, I will up my calcium intake via vitamins to help my muscles heal.
    • Silver Fern Digestive Enzyme
      • When I take it: If I eat something that does not sit well with my tummy, I will take 1-2 capsules to help with my digestion!
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