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Cycle syncing consult

Work with Maddie to learn what foods, exercises, and lifestyle changes you can make to live in harmony with your hormones. Maddie will work with you in creating a custom plan for you to start syncing with your cycle!

Love From Our Clients

Thanks to Maddie, I feel empowered and more connected to my divine feminine self than ever before. If I didn’t know Maddie I would most likely still be on hormonal birth control and out of tune with my body.
I cannot speak highly enough about this woman!

Meghan M

Maddie is such a shining light and brings positive energy wherever she goes.. I’m constantly inspired by her in every way, and I’m so fortunate to call her a friend. Maddie has helped me personally by educating me about hormonal health & empowering me to make decisions that will positively affect my body!

Kayla C


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