How to Address Menstrual Bloating Naturally

How to Address Menstrual Bloating Naturally

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Menstrual bloating, or any bloating, is no fun. Although our bodies are supposed to change throughout the course of our cycle (we are cyclical beings, so day 1 version of yourself will be different than day 20 of your cycle), it should never be extreme or painful. However, I assumed if you are reading this, that your bloating may be trending towards the unbearable end of the spectrum. If so, no need to stress out because nature is wonderful and provides all of our healing answers. But first, let's cover the basics!

Bloating that is hormonally induced, meaning that you have ruled out any other factors (i.e. gut dysbiosis) is very manageable when using the right combination of lifestyle, nutrition, herbal remedies, and targeted supplementation. 

Lifestyle hacks to prevent menstrual bloating:

  • Heat corn sac
  • Abdominal massage - perhaps with CBD oil/lotion or peppermint essential oil
  • Aerobic movement (walks, jogs/runs, cycling, swimming, etc.. Just make sure it is phase-friendly and suitable for your body!)
  • Yoga and stretching - focus on abdominal twists
  • Going poop, 1-3 times daily
  • BREATH WORK! Deep belly breathing, especially for a minute before and after eating a meal. This does wonders, trust me. 
  • Meditation

Nutrition hacks for bloating:

  • Eat potassium-rich foods! I love avocados, bananas, squash, lentils, kidney beans, etc. For grocery lists for each phase of your cycle, check out my Hormone Harmony e-book!
  • Include more diuretic foods such as watermelon, celery, and cucumber that will help promote fluid balance.
  • Include aquaretic herbs and herbs that promote fluid balance such as parsley and dandelion. Check out Soothe here. 
  • Include herbs to help reduce inflammation such as ginger and licorice. Sip on ginger tea! Check out Soothe here. 
  • I also love ayurvedic digestive tea that includes fennel seed. 
  • Anise is another great herb to help with bloating.
  • Reduce any foods high in salt / any foods you are sensitive to.
  • Carbonated drinks may increase bloating, so reduce consumption of these if needed. 


Much love to you all!





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