Gut-Healthy Bone Broth: How to make it

Gut-Healthy Bone Broth: How to make it

Gut-healthy bone broth: how to make it and why you should consume it for your hormone and period health!

I much prefer to make my own bone broth, a truly nutrient-dense food. It is wildly nourishing and gut-healing. It can promote digestion, reduce inflammation, improve skin, hair, and nail health due to its high collagen, support immune function, bone and joint health, and more! I love this for my luteal and menstrual phases since it’s so nutrient dense and helps to soothe any gut/digestive distress and to nourish the body.

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I recently started incorporating bone broth into my life 4 months ago. I prefer to make my own for many reasons 👇🏼
1. Support local, regenerative farmers
2. So I know the quality and source of my bones. Make sure to buy organic and grass-fed.
3. So I can cook them how I want to, making the most nutrient-dense broth.
4. It’s a very slow and healing process.

✨Organic, grass-fed beef or chicken bones from your local farmer. Add in chicken feet for even more collagen.
✨Place in an instant pot pressure cooker and cover with filtered water.
✨Add in any vegetables you’d like, or leave out. Ideas: Sweet potato, celery, fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro.
✨1/4 C apple cider vinegar
✨Click the slow cook setting on your pressure cooker since high heat can destroy the collagen. Set the time to 12 hours for chicken bones and 24 for beef bones. Make sure to not open the lid while cooking or you may oxidize the natural fats.
✨Once done, let cool before straining into glass containers/jars. Scoop the layer of fat off the top (will be prominent once fully chilled in the fridge) and throw out.
✨Freeze to keep good for 2 months or leave in fridge to sip on throughout the week or to put into curry or soups!

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