Liver Lovin' Mocktail

Liver Lovin' Mocktail

Welcome to the Peace Love Hormones Herbal Mocktail Bar 🌿

Ready to show your liver some extra love? Give this delicious mocktail a try! It uses yummy ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, support your digestive/liver health, are rich in antioxidants and boost your immune system! 🍓

Here is the recipe:

  • Freshly juiced fruits (or purchase the following organic juices):

🍍 2 oz Pineapple

🍊 1.5 oz Blood Orange

❤️ 1.5 oz Pomegranate

🍓 1.5 oz Strawberry

  • 2 mL of our organic herbal tincture, Bitters 🌿
  • Top with orange vanilla sparkling water 🍸💦


For some extra love & beauty, add your own homemade strawberry ice roses! 🧊🍓🌹

  1. Thinly slice three to four strawberries
  2. Place each slice around in a circular motion in a square or circle ice cube tray
  3. Fill the ice cube tray half way with water


For support with hormone health, ovulation + menstrual cycle regularity, gut health, liver function, detoxification, sleep, and nervous system, check out my organic herbal tinctures HERE!

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