Menstrual Cycles and Moon Cycles Explained

Menstrual Cycles and Moon Cycles Explained

“Moon Cycles” by the Peace Love Hormones Podcast: Show notes

The female body is uniquely beautiful. Our cycles and bleeding are both beautiful and sacred. It’s emotional and liberating. It’s power, and it’s magic. And it’s time we reclaimed it. But first, we must understand and appreciate her. The moon represents the feminine and the sun the masculine. Isn’t it neat how the average menstrual cycle lasts 29.5 days and the average moon cycle is 29 days? 

In ancient times, a woman’s cycle was honored and celebrated, while her bleeding phase was ritualized. Women of all ages came together in sacred circles and moon lodges. The magic of our cycles is so powerful, and magnified when we come together, which was scary for the patriarchy. So what happened? We were suppressed and our cycles became stigmatized and seen as taboo. 

What is a moon cycle?

It represents the way in which a woman and menstruator flows with the moon cycle. This commonly changes throughout a woman’s life as she goes through different phases of her life.

How to figure out which moon cycle you are on? 

Start tracking your cycle and refer to our previous episodes for that type of information. A simple way to do this is to see where the moon is at (new, waxing, full, waning) when you are on your period. Knowing the moon phase is very important. Aside from looking outside at night, you can confirm the moon phase on the Time and Date website. Tracking our cycles gives us so much understanding into what is going on on the physical, emotional, and spiritual for us. 

The 4 moon cycles: red, white, purple, and pink. 

  • WHITE MOON: This moon cycle is the most common. With the white moon cycle, ovulation occurs closely with the full moon and menstruation occurs during the new moon. A woman who cycles with the white moon is said to be in the “mothering” phase of her life. She may want to get pregnant and start a family or focus on nurturing and raising her children. This is said to be true because the full moon is considered to be the earth’s most fertile time. So when a woman goes through the most fertile stage of her cycle simultaneously, both energies align and are magnified. However, if you are like me, and on the white moon cycle but do not have children of your own/are not desiring to have children anytime soon, this could be a sign that you are in need of love, care, and nurturing. This is your sign to devote your energy inward instead of outward. Take care of yourself first. Interestingly, we see that the cycle is favored by the patriarchy/modern day society. Since all of a woman’s energy is focused on her family, instead of herself.
  • RED MOON: This cycle marks the sacred act of menstruation occurring on the full moon, and ovulation occurring on the new moon, so exactly inverse of the white moon cycle. Those who cycle with the red moon are said to be the healers and teachers of the community. Having a period on the full moon is an opportunity to embrace your passionate, outgoing, and sexual side. In fact, those red moon cyclers are said to be very tapped into their sexual energy. These women may also experience an outward pour of energy, devoting it to helping others and perhaps starting businesses of their own. 
  • PINK MOON: If you are on the pink moon cycle, then you menstruate as the moon is waxing from the new moon to full moon. Literally speaking, the moon is going through a big transition of expansion as it leaves behind the darkness of the new moon and into the brightness of the full moon. So, for you, this may mean a transitional period of your life where you are shedding the old and stepping into the new, powerful you.
  • PURPLE MOON: This moon cycle is the exact inverse of the pink moon cycle. If menstruation is occurring as the moon wanes, and goes from lightness to darkness, this could mean a time of rest and going inward for yourself. It could also signify shedding the old and releasing all that no longer serves you.


  1. Which cycle is the best? There is no best or worst! It is how you choose to work with the energy of your cycle and its relation to the moon cycle and its energy. Each cycle has its own beautiful attributes. 
  2. I keep switching cycles, is this normal? Just as long as you are experiencing PMS, period pain, or any period problems, then yes! There’s actually a name for this: the wisewoman cycle. We don’t have much information on it yet. 

 Honor your bleed. Until next time, peace love hormones!

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