Sexual Wellbeing With Hannah Deindorfer

Sexual Wellbeing With Hannah Deindorfer

This week, on the Peace Love Hormones podcast, we are interviewing Hannah Deindorfer on sexual wellbeing. 

Why is sex so taboo?! I mean, FOR REAL! Sex, genitalia, play, and overall pleasure is incredibly stigmatized. And it is a real shame, because pleasure and play are incredibly important when it comes to our hormones, periods, and overall health. Of all the vitamins that I consume for my own well-being, and that I recommend to my 1-1 clients and beyond, one is particularly important: that is vitamin P (for pleasure!). Pleasure and play are SO MUCH MORE than the narrative we have been told that sex is. To be honest, the beliefs around sex that most of us have been taught from a young age are either mundane, non-consensual, or both. I realized later in my healing journey just how important our own sensuality is. When embarking on this sensuality and sexuality journey, I had to unlearn A LOT when it came to sensuality, sex and overall pleasure. Heck, I am still on this journey and it has been multifaceted. It has required me to address and heal:

  • Gut and hormone imbalances
  • Stopping hormonal contraceptive
  • Prioritizing sleep and relaxation
  • PLAYING by myself and finding what brings me peace, love, and joy
  • Healing past trauma
  • Loving my body, mind, and spirit
  • Finding a compatible partner who will respectfully and lovingly explore and play with me

As a women’s health and medicine expert and advocate, I knew it was time for me to create an entire podcast episode on this topic of sensuality, sex, play, pleasure, etc.. So, I found a sex educator and “fairy godmother of sensuality and sex” to join me for an informational and impactful podcast episode. 

Click here to listen to our podcast episode.

Hannah Deindorfer is a high-level sensuality, sex, and somatic coach. She is changing women’s (and mens’) sex lives for the better. And, if you haven’t gathered this by now via all the content that Peace. Love. Hormones. shares, is that everything is connected. So, yes, I am saying that a healthy and happy sensuality/sex life (which is, at its core, just p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e) can, and most likely will, positively impact your physical and emotional well-being. 

In my podcast episode with Hannah, we both get very vulnerable with the intention of supporting each and every one of you. Aside from sharing our own stories, we talk about and answer the following questions:

  • Pleasure without a partner
  • Sex shame
  • How to communicate your needs, especially when they are different from your partner’s
  • How to initiate (as the woman) sex and play
  • How to heal your sensuality and explore
  • Sex myths
  • Hannah’s 8 elements of life-changing epic sex 

Listen to our episode here to open up what will be a very healing conversation with yourself, your partner / future partner, and perhaps even your friends and loved ones. 

Let’s get REAL and vulnerable, because we are all just humans on this beautiful, spinning earth. Our time is temporary, so let’s make the best of it!

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