Your Hormone Questions - Answered (pt. 1)

Your Hormone Questions - Answered (pt. 1)

YOUR Hormone Questions, Answered!

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  1. Soothe herbs for PMS and hormone balance
    1. GMP-certified
    2. Comes from an FDA-regulated lab
    3. Vegan + gluten-free
    4. No added BS / preservatives
    5. Tested for purity and potency
  2. Hormone-healthy recipes:
    1. My plant-based cookbook
  3. Grocery lists for each phases of our cycle:
    1. My Hormone Harmony ebook
  4. How to sync with your cycle:
    1. Listen to these podcast episodes of mine on cycle syncing
    2. My hormone Harmony ebook
  5. PCOS?
    1. Listen to this podcast episode
    2. Soothe is safe to take if you have PCOS but do NOT have high levels of progesterone / luteinizing hormone
  6. How to sync with the moon if you do not have a period?
    1. White moon bleeder:
      1. New moon = "period"
      2. Waxing moon = "Follicular phase"
      3. Full moon = "Ovulation" However, start tracking this phase 4 or so days before the full moon.
      4. Waning moon = "Luteal phase"
  7. How to safely stop hormonal birth control?
    1. Listen to my podcast here!
    2. Support your gut and liver.
    3. Support your detoxification pathways.
    4. Start your Soothe herbs
    5. Work with a trusted practitioner, like me, to create a custom hormone-healing plan for you!
  8. How can I work with you?
    1. Book a consult here!
  9. My hormone-healthy supplements - the BASICS
    1. Magnesium complex
    2. Methylated multivitamin or prenatal
    3. Spore probiotic (or just eat plenty of fermentables)
    4. Algae-based fish oil (I also love raw phytoplankton!)
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